"You do not have any bullets or gunpowder left, your ship wafts and I would say that sword looks like wood."

Why fight when you can escape?


Pirate Escape Room

Costa Teguise - Lanzarote

What if you give a pirate adventure as a present?

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Galleon The Raid. Legend of the Pirate Ship

Year 1586, the evil pirate Morato Arráez has arrived on the shores of Lanzarote sowing death and destruction. You have been trapped in the cells of his famous pirate ship... But there is still time to escape before his corsairs return... Will you be able to run away?

Ghost Shire. Lost in the Pirate City

Before dying the pirate Ali Arráez captured on a map the location of a legendary treasure. All signs point to the alley of pirate village. Skill and ingenuity will be your only allies; time and enigmas protect the desired treasure. Will you be able to find it?

What is an escape room?

It is a team game that takes place in a themed room where you will find enigmas, quizzes and riddles that you will solve in order to escape before the end of the available time.

A new activity to enjoy in group

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