Terms and conditions

This website belongs to Log on Lanz, S.L. (Try to Escape Lanzarote), when making a reservation with us or using our facilities, you acknowledge that you understand and accept the following conditions:

1. Conditions of participation:

-At the arrival to the facilities you will be given the acceptance document that you must sign before carrying out the activity.


-The prices of the rooms include the I.G.I.C.


-Clients commit to comply with the established rules of the game, have an appropriate behavior and follow the instructions of the Try to Escape Lanzarote staff at all times, making proper use of the facilities and materials provided.


-In participating in the activity, you interact with the thematic room, you can manipulate the objects, do not worry about the disorder and put your ideas into practice, but remember it is not necessary to use the physical strength, but logical thinking. Try to Escape Lanzarote has the right to charge customers for damages caused or caused by the misuse of the items, you agree to be liable for such damages and losses.


-In the halls are installed cameras and microphones, so that our team can help and guide you during the activity. You accept the use of them to provide assistance during the game.


-If you allow the staff of Try to Escape Lanzarote to take a photograph in your facilities, you consent to the use of the same to publish them on the web, social networks or for promotional use (marketing material, etc ...).


-You agree not to disclose the experience, aspects, images and content of the game owned by Try to Escape Lanzarote. This information is confidential.           

-Make sure you have taken your snack, since you are not allowed to access the activity with food or drinks.


-Try to Escape Lanzarote is not responsible for the loss or theft of valuables or personal items within your facility.

2. Security:

-It is an activity that does not involve risk. However, Try To Escape Lanzarote is not responsible for personal or material damage that users may have, if they are caused by the misuse of the elements of the game, facilities or non-compliance of the norms previously accepted at the start of the programmed activity. The participation of people suffering from heart problems, or phobias derived from the stay in closed spaces, such as claustrophobia, or open spaces such as agoraphobia is not recommended. In case of having any of the aforementioned impediments, or any major health problem, let us know before starting the activity, as a precaution we will recommend you not to start it if the experience represents a risk for you. Your health is your responsibility.


-If you need medical treatment during the activity: you authorize Try to Escape Lanzarote, to follow the necessary procedure to receive assistance in case of accident, injury and / or illness, covering you the costs of said medical treatment and transfers (ambulance, taxi, etc ...).


-Each game has a minimum and maximum number of participants that must be respected (2 to 5 players) as well as an established maximum duration (60 minutes, it is not possible to extend this time). We will ask you to come with 15 minutes of In advance of your reservation time, if there is a delay of more than 15 minutes with respect to the reserved time, the suspension of the activity will be assessed.


-It is strictly forbidden to participate in the game under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances, for their own safety. Be sure to go sober before entering the game. Try to Escape Lanzarote reserves the right of admission. Our staff has the authority not to let you play if you consider it appropriate.


-The recommended minimum age to participate is 12 years (for the understanding of riddles and puzzles). Minors can participate accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for them, and supervise children under 16 at all times during the use of the facilities, accepting and signing the terms and conditions on their behalf. Children under 18 and over 16 may participate in the activity without the presence of the authorized tutor, but they will need your signature upon arrival. The guardian accepts and assumes responsibility on behalf of authorized minors.


-We will ask you to leave your belongings out of the room: mobile phones, tablet bags, lighters, screwdrivers, etc. .. we will provide you with a safe place to store them. It is prohibited to access the game area with mobile devices or photo and video cameras. In the extreme case that a member of the team must be located, you can access with your mobile device, being prohibited from recording video, audio and taking photographs within the activity.